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Since 2010 Tribe Unity has been growing and moving within the professional entertainment industry.  Our society tends to forget about the hundreds of people that make it possible for all of us to enjoy that song, film, or art. Tribe Unity is a reminder that it takes a movement, a Tribe, to succeed.  So we have been building Tribes for all different aspects and projects in the entertainment industry to help co-create and innovate dreams coming true for everyone involved.  


Tribe Unity has built Tribes for artists, producers, film production companies, publishing companies, events, seminars and more.  With the Tribe Unity way of building teams we are able to take the Chiefs goals and create a Tribe to bridge the gap between dreams and reality for not only the Chief but the Tribal as well.  Current and past clients or Chiefs include mydiveo,  Island Block Radio, Lyrica Anderson, MIDI Mafia, Young Fyre, Art Ford Publishing, The Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Divya Creative, Conscious Media, REL-Event Series, Lyrica Anderson,Sonyae Elise, Kristine Mirelle and more. 

Our love and passion towards your passions has now brought us to using that light in every human being to use it for a bigger picture.  Tribe Unity has teamed up with multiple non-profits and has created its own programs that shares and motivates children all over the world to not only believe in themselves but each other for a world worth being passionate about. From third world countries to a 27 city tour all over the United States.

Tribe Unity is a 501c3 nonprofit wanna learn how you can use your passion for a bigger picture? Get in touch 

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