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Meet us in L.A. or virtually & lets talk about your career in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment Coaching

It takes a village to grow any project.  To live your passion we have a team of Masterminds and coaches to give you the mindset and the plan you need to succeed. 

Passion Search

Have you always dreamed of being a part of the entertainment industry, but you don't know what you would like to do. Then, we are the right organization for you! We are here to help you find your passion and realize your dreams in L.A or in your town. We'll get your career started.

Celebrity events

We produce celebrity events all throughout California all year round. We have amazing opportunities to work these events, network and get your career launched. Don't wait around and come join us to work a celebrity event today!

Artists Showcase

We create and manage events for local artists or artists looking to get started in L.A free of charge. We know that it is difficult to get your career started as an artist in L.A, so we are here to help you get your first events all free for you. 

Motivational tours

Twice a year we do a nationwide tour visiting local schools, various non-profits, YMCAs and Boys and Girls club to inspire our future generations to not only believe in themselves but each other to live their dreams.  During the motivational tours we hand out school supplies and visit much needed areas. 

Arts overseas

Tribe Unity visits countries worldwide to help support in anyway we can while bringing the creative arts to the children in much needed areas.

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