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fall in love with the 

process and

the results

will come.








<-- this pic is me NOT breathing. Just like most people public speaking scares the sh*t out of me. But through 11 years of experience in supporting others in living their passions and purpose I picked up some tricks along the way from some of the greats. After all, this was right before taking the stage. THE moment,  I got to go from running the production behind the curtain to receiving a standing ovation at the City Gala and getting Les Brown to request to build him a tribe right when I got off stage!

See, we're all just trying to figure it out.

Every single day is a new decision on what reality to perceive and what actions we're going to take to LIVE it.

We're all perfect imperfections and I am blessed to be stubborn. Stubborn enough to believe that we are all puzzle pieces meant to create the bigger picture.

i see a world co-created by true unity.

The unconditional love I have for human kind created this warrior within to do whatever it takes to tear down my self made walls so that in turn I can focus out and support others in tearing down theirs.  There is no doubt in mind that we can all live our PASSION for a PURPOSE in UNITY. 

My passion is people's passions. Which means YOUR passion! I'm addicted to experiencing people truly experience their present as a gift. I would love to co-create moments like that picture for YOU over and over again. Especially the unsung heroes of the most giving souls: The "Behind the Scenes" people.


The journey to success takes a lot out of us but its only to destroy the walls and let our light shine through.

Are you ready to be a warrior of light and fight the battle you've been having within?

Great! Let's be best friends!


Time to have a heart to heart.

V. BEHIND THE scenes

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V. In Front of THE scenes

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